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Top 9 Private Label Lip Balm Manufacturers

Sophia Tang, a luminary in the world of cosmetics, stands as the visionary founder of Nako, a renowned cosmetic brand. With 46 years of life experience, she currently calls Guangzhou, China, her home.

Sophia’s illustrious career in cosmetics and makeup spans decades, making her a repository of extensive industry knowledge. After an impactful tenure with a leading cosmetic company, she took the bold step of venturing into entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for her own brand, Nako. Her strategic prowess in the realm of digital marketing, notably SEO strategies, catapulted Nako to extraordinary success.

Sophia Tang is not only celebrated as a cosmetics maven but also recognized as a trailblazing digital marketing expert. Her journey from makeup artist to business mogul is a testament to her multifaceted talents. Her commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of consumer needs has solidified her reputation as a transformative figure in the cosmetics and digital marketing spheres.

Under Sophia’s leadership, Nako has become synonymous with beauty, elegance, and effective digital branding. Her remarkable achievements have earned her recognition from both the beauty industry and the digital marketing community. Sophia’s work continues to inspire and influence, marking her as a true luminary in the world of cosmetics and digital marketing.

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After my extensive research, I discovered that Zeralabs stands out as the best choice for boutique and specialty retailers looking to launch a unique, high-quality lip balm line. However, entering the private label market can be a daunting process, with various challenges such as sourcing quality ingredients, ensuring compliant manufacturing processes, and navigating intricate branding intricacies.

Fear not, as this blog will unravel the complexities of finding a private label manufacturer that aligns with the vision and values of a start-up brand. Providing a meticulously curated list of the top 9 private label lip balm manufacturers, this guide promises a solution to the problem of finding a reliable, quality-driven partner to work with.

So, buckle up and let’s dive in!


1. Dynamic Blending – Best for Low Startup Costs

Country & City: USA, Vineyard, Utah

Established Date: 2015

Dynamic Blending excels at helping emerging brands break into the market, noted for its low minimum order requirements. The company is a full-line private label manufacturer, offering an extensive range of skincare and cosmetic products, including lip balms. Committed to customer satisfaction, Dynamic Blending works closely with Launch Fulfilment to ensure that products are delivered in perfect condition and on time.


Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Skin care lines


Take Away Note:

Ideal for those aiming to test small batches in the market due to the low startup costs and lower minimum order quantities. This offers brands the flexibility to experiment and innovate without immense financial risk. However, the limited customization options in packaging may be a downside for some businesses seeking a highly unique branding.

2. Amelia Knight Limited – Best for Innovation

Country & City: United Kingdom, Knutsford WA16 8ZR

Established Date: 1996

With an international presence, over 500 employees, and $40 million in annual sales, Amelia Knight Limited stands as a giant in private label manufacturing. The company prides itself on ethical and vegan product formulations and boasts a global reach with over 10,000 retail outlets across five continents, selling over 100,000 units annually.

Key Product Line Intro: Make-up kits and Private label lip balms

Take Away Note:

Perfect for businesses aiming to align themselves with a manufacturer that prioritizes ethical, vegan formulations. Amelia Knight Limited’s significant global presence makes them a fitting partner for brands with international aspirations. However, a drawback could be their reportedly slow customer support response times.

3. Zeralabs – Best for Overall

Country & City: China

Established Date: 1998

Zeralabs, a leading manufacturer of Private Label lip balm in China, has established itself as a top-tier option for businesses. With its focus on premium quality and customer satisfaction, we continue to garner a reputation for excellence in the private label cosmetics industry. We emphasize the advanced manufacturing capabilities and product features that set it apart from competitors.


Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Hair care

Take Away Note:

Zeralabs is a fitting match for brands seeking a comprehensive, quality-driven, and reputable manufacturer.  In this fast-paced industry, having a manufacturer like us that is as committed to excellence as the brand itself is invaluable. With our robust capabilities, we cater to businesses ranging from startups to well-established brands seeking to scale and solidify their presence in the cosmetics industry.

4. MS Beautilab – Best for Unique Technologies

Country & City: France, Lentilly

Established Date: 1964

With years of experience and a team of over 200 dedicated employees, MS Beautilab is a standout French company in the cosmetics industry. The company emphasizes its commitment to innovation and excellence, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Maestra Colors, ChronoPower+, and Skin Vector to craft top-notch products, including an extensive range of lip balms in various shades.

Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Skin care products

Take Away Note:

MS Beautilab is an excellent partner for businesses seeking a manufacturer with a strong emphasis on innovative technologies and a broad product portfolio. Its advanced formulation technologies can give brands a unique edge in a crowded marketplace. One con to consider is the reportedly long response time for customer inquiries.

5. Mineral Mine – Best for Natural Formulations

Country & City: USA, Floral Park

Established Date: n/a

Mineral Mine distinguishes itself with a focus on natural and mineral makeup products, including an impressive line of lip balms. The company offers tailored services for dropshippers and takes pride in its commitment to using all-natural mineral pigments in its formulations.

Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Mineral make-up

Take Away Note:

Ideal for businesses committed to offering clean and natural cosmetics. Mineral Mine’s specialized focus on mineral makeup provides a unique selling point that resonates with an increasingly health-conscious consumer base. However, some customers have reported longer than expected delivery times.

6. Skinovators – Best for Large Scale Production

Country & City: Germany, Hessisch Lichtenau

Established Date: 1980

Skinovators stands as a leading European manufacturer with over 400 existing high-tech cosmetic formulas. With a minimum order quantity of 10,000 units, this company is geared toward sizable operations and offers a wealth of options for businesses to develop their own private label ranges.

Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and anti-aging products

Take Away Note:

Skinovators is best suited for well-established businesses capable of meeting higher minimum order quantities. With its extensive and high-quality product line, this company is a reliable partner for brands aiming for large-scale production. However, it might not be the best fit for newer or smaller businesses due to the high minimum order requirement.

7. Nature’s Own (by Jordane) – Best for Eco-Friendly Products

Country & City: Toronto, Canada

Established Date: 1983

Operating under the umbrella of the 100-year-old company Flower Foods, Nature’s Own by Jordane emphasizes natural and eco-friendly products. Despite having a small team, it boasts impressive annual sales, offering a broad selection of lip products that reflect its commitment to sustainability.

Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Tinted lip gloss

Take Away Note:

Nature’s Own is an exceptional choice for businesses seeking to market environmentally conscious and natural products. With its roots in a longstanding company, it offers stability and reliability. However, the price point for their items is reported to be on the higher side.

8. Radical Cosmetics – Best for Family-Crafted Quality

Country & City: USA, Fort Pierce

Established Date: 2003

Radical Cosmetics, a family-owned private label company, prioritizes quality over quantity in its skincare products, including lip balms. Known for its attentive customer service and domestic production, the company places a significant emphasis on forming lasting relationships with its clients.

Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Nourishing lip treatment

Take Away Note:

Radical Cosmetics is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a family-owned manufacturer that prioritizes quality relationships and domestically produced items. Their products are minerals that are well-formulated and affordable. However, their lip balm selection is somewhat limited for large scale businesses.

9. Audrey Morris Cosmetics – Best for Custom Formulations

Country & City: USA, Deerfield Beach

Established Date: 1965

As one of America’s longest-running private label companies, Audrey Morris Cosmetics has solidified its reputation for reliability and variety. The company offers both traditional and mineral-based formulas for lip balms, providing complete control over product specification and production, and unique custom formulation services.

Key Product Line Intro: Private label lip balms and Custom-blend lip treatment

Take Away Note:

Audrey Morris is an ideal partner for businesses seeking full control over their product line and desiring unique, custom formulations to stand out in the market. In my years of experience in the cosmetics world, I’ve observed how theirl impeccable packaging can be to any brand’s image. However, there have been some reports of packaging issues during transport.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Private Label Lip Balm Manufacturers

The private label cosmetics sector, including lip balm, is a growing market, with businesses of all sizes seeking to launch their own unique products under their own brand name. According to a report by Maximize Market Research, the global lip balm market size is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 6.55% from 2023 to 2029 at a value of US$ 1306.03 Mn.

In such a booming market, here are six factors that business owners should carefully consider when choosing a private label lip balm manufacturer:

#1 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements

Manufacturers often have set minimum order quantities for their products. For businesses that are just starting out or those looking to test a new product on the market, lower MOQs are generally more favorable. For example, a manufacturer that requires a minimum order of 10,000 units, making it more suitable for larger scale businesses.

#2 Quality of Ingredients and Formulations

The quality of the ingredients used in the lip balm formulation is paramount. Business owners should seek manufacturers that use high-quality, safe, and preferably natural or organic ingredients. Zeralabs had established natural sources of ingredients for their lib balms, as well as the availability of certifications that attest to their quality, such as the ECOCERT or USDA Organic labels.

Quality Aspect Description Advantages Disadvantages
Natural Ingredients Ingredients sourced directly from nature without synthetic additives. Appeals to eco-conscious consumers. Often gentler on the skin Typically higher costs. Shorter shelf life compared to synthetics
Organic Ingredients Ingredients grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. High market appeal, Environmentally friendly, Can command a higher price point More expensive to source, Requires certification to validate claims
Synthetic Ingredients Man-made or artificially produced ingredients. Cost-effective Long-lasting formulations May not appeal to consumers seeking “all-natural” products. Potential for skin sensitivities
Vegan Formulations Products formulated without animal-derived ingredients. Appeals to vegan and animal-friendly market. Ethical production standards Can be limiting in formulation options. Might come at a premium price
SPF Protection Lip balms that offer sun protection factor. Added selling point. Protects lips from UV damage Requires additional testing and certification. Formulation can be more complex
Custom Formulations Manufacturer’s ability to produce lip balms based on bespoke requirements. Unique product differentiation, Ability to cater to niche markets Longer development times. Additional costs for research and testing
Preservative Choice Substances used to prolong the shelf life of the lip balm. Extends product shelf life, Can prevent microbial growth Some preservatives might be harmful. Important to choose safe preservatives that align with brand values
Transparency in Ingredients Open disclosure of all ingredients and their sources used in the formulation. Builds consumer trust. Reinforces ingredient quality and safety Requires rigorous supply chain tracking. Might expose proprietary formulation secrets


#3 Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Ensuring that the manufacturer adheres to relevant regulatory standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), is essential. According to Slot Drain, GMP ensures that every product manufactured is safe and of high quality. It is vital for business owners to verify that their chosen manufacturer meets the necessary legal and safety requirements in the intended market.

#4 Customization and Formulation Capabilities

The ability of a manufacturer to offer customizable formulations allows for the creation of unique and differentiated products. For instance, the one that offers the ability to imprint logos on packaging for orders of certain quantities. Businesses should explore whether the manufacturer can develop exclusive formulations or adapt existing ones to meet specific product vision and goals.

#5 Packaging and Design Services

The packaging of a lip balm is not just a container; it’s a critical aspect of the product’s branding and marketing. It’s beneficial when a manufacturer offers comprehensive services, including package design and marketing assistance. Zeralabs pays significant attention to how their lip balm products are packed, ensuring customers receive their orders on time and in perfect condition.

#6 Turnaround Time and Reliability

Manufacturers with a proven track record of meeting deadlines are invaluable. Business owners need to consider the lead time the manufacturer requires to produce and deliver the finished products, as well as the reliability and history of the manufacturer in meeting these timelines consistently.

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In the dynamic world of cosmetics, selecting the right private label lip balm manufacturer is crucial for creating a strong foundation and ensuring that a brand thrives. These manufacturers, with their unique strengths, cater to a diverse range of requirements, from high-end luxury branding to pioneering innovations.

For those in need of more insight into private label manufacturing or detailed product specifications, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We are here to guide businesses through every step of their private label journey, ensuring that each product is crafted to meet and exceed expectations.


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