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Are you in need of a reliable partner to guide you through the competitive realm of Body Butter? Look no further than Zeralabs. We are the perfect B2B Body Butter manufacturing partner for your expanding enterprise.

Body Butter Collections

In the ever-evolving landscape of skincare and beauty, Zeralabs stands as a light of innovation and quality. With a rich heritage in crafting premium skincare solutions, we pride ourselves on the meticulous care and expertise that goes into every product.

In fact, understanding the intricacies of the business sector, we aim to be not just a provider but a trusted partner in delivering exceptional beauty products like body butter that resonate with global standards. Our offerings are not just items on a shelf; they represent the confluence of science, art, and passion. With us, businesses gain a collaborator dedicated to their growth and the satisfaction of their clients.

Dive deep into our curated list to discover what sets us apart in this vibrant industry.


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Reasons to Choose Us

At Zeralabs, we are dedicated to assisting you in the creation of your distinctive Body Butter. With Minimum Order Quantities and a diverse array of packaging options, we can help you turn your aspiration of owning your own product line into reality.

Reach out to us today to embark on your journey!

01 Manufacturer-Direct Purchase top-of-the-line products directly from the manufacturer. We eliminate intermediaries, maximize your profits. With low minimum order requirements, you can conveniently acquire exactly what you require, precisely when you need it.
02 Custom Formula Incorporate your customized label into our formulas with ease. Create your own branded products and get a price estimate without hassle. Our reasonable minimums make private labeling a cost-effective option for salons and stylists looking to build their own brand.
03 Tailored Identity Create customized formulations that showcase your uniqueness. Take part in a personalized creative process that gives you the ability to adjust packaging, design, and formula. Let us guide you through the experience of crafting a truly unique product.

Discover Our Advanced Skincare Labs

Step into our advanced skincare labs, where scientific expertise and cutting-edge technology converge. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal environment for formulating, testing, and perfecting skincare solutions.

With a team of dedicated experts and a commitment to innovation, we push the boundaries of skincare research to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. Explore our labs and witness the passion and precision that drive our pursuit of skincare excellence.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Zeralabs, we prioritize environmental protection by obtaining ISO14001 certification and establishing our Environmental Safety Department. Through daily environmental management, we raise awareness, reduce risks, and utilize recyclable packaging materials whenever possible.

How the Process Works

When reaching out to us, kindly provide detailed specifics to ensure effective handling of your inquiry. It would be immensely helpful to indicate the quantity of SKUs you require. Furthermore, kindly communicate any desired ingredients for inclusion in your products, as well as any ingredients you prefer to exclude if you have ideas.

Rest assured, we will promptly reach out to initiate a discussion about your product as soon as possible.

Empowering Customers

Sarah Owner

“I always struggled to find a skincare line that was organic, cruelty-free, and effective. Partnering with ZeraLabs has been transformative for my salon. Not only did they develop a skincare line that reflects my philosophy, but they also helped elevate my brand’s reputation. The increase in product sales speaks volumes about their commitment to quality. The team’s dedication to ensuring timely delivery and providing excellent customer service is truly commendable. They are more than just suppliers – they are true partners in growth.”

James Entrepreneur

“Zeralabs has been instrumental in bringing our vision for a men’s skincare brand to life. Their formulation expertise, regulatory compliance support, and streamlined production logistics have been invaluable. We have achieved remarkable growth, thanks to their guidance and collaboration. Zeralabs truly understands our needs and has been a trusted partner throughout our journey.” – James, Founder of Men’s Skincare Brand.

Emily CEO

“Partnering with ZeraLabs has been transformative for our brand. Their dedication to quality and their state-of-the-art R&D facilities have been instrumental in our growth. The production process is now streamlined, we have new products that our customers love, and our entry into retail has been a huge success. It’s been an incredible journey of growth, and we look forward to our continued partnership.” – Emily, CEO of Emily’s Beauty Brand

Function of Private Label Body Butter

Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks often plague various skin types. These natural blemishes are a result of skin expansion, sometimes causing emotional distress. Zeralabs, a renowned skincare manufacturer, offers solutions tailored to these concerns. Their body butter formulation addresses stretch marks. Not only does it work wonders on the skin, but it also restores confidence, making every inch of the skin feel cherished.


Dryness can be the skin’s worst enemy, especially in colder climates. Having a moisturizing body butter is crucial to combat this issue. With ingredients that deeply hydrate, the skin feels rejuvenated and soft to the touch. Consistent use ensures a supple texture, making it a favorite among business clients in the beauty sector.


Saggy skin can be a concern for many. Firming body butter becomes a vital solution in such cases. By promoting elasticity and collagen production, the skin looks taut and youthful. With regular application, businesses notice satisfied customers admiring their skin’s revitalized firmness.

Anti Aging

Aging is natural and anti-aging body butter offers hope in a jar. Infused with antioxidants and vital nutrients, it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. For instance, my aunt began noticing the early onset of wrinkles on her arms. However, after the consistent application of potent anti-aging body butter, she saw a significant improvement. This product is a blessing for anyone aiming to keep their skin looking ageless.


Body Butter for Stretch Marks
Anti Aging

Applications for Body Butter

Spa and Wellness Centers

Spa treatments and massages are incomplete without the right products. Body butter enhances the luxurious experience, ensuring clients leave with soft, glowing skin. Wellness centers recognize the importance of quality products, and body butter fits the bill perfectly, making each session more effective and indulgent.

Boutique Hotels and Resorts

Travel can be harsh on the skin, with changing climates and environments. Boutique hotels and resorts aim to provide the best skincare for their guests. On my recent visit to a boutique resort, the inclusion of quality body butter in the toiletry kit was a godsend. It kept the skin hydrated and comfortable throughout the stay. Zeralabs is a preferred choice among many in the hospitality sector for its superior skincare formulations.

Skin Clinics

Skin clinics focus on treatments and maintenance. Post-procedure care often includes the use of body butter. With their healing and moisturizing properties, they assist in faster recovery and ensure the skin remains nourished during the process.

Private Label Body Butter Formulas

Coconut Body Butter

Coconut is universally loved. Its sweet aroma transports many to tropical paradises. Renowned for its nourishing properties, coconut body butter offers intense hydration. Enriched with natural fatty acids, it seeps deep into the skin, ensuring long-lasting moisture. Many businesses have vouched for its effectiveness in revitalizing dry and flaky skin, making it a popular choice in skincare lines.

Vanilla Body Butter

Vanilla, beyond its delightful scent, brings a myriad of skincare benefits. Vanilla-infused body butter is a treat for the senses and the skin. Rich in antioxidants, it combats free radicals and environmental stressors. A friend of mine once shared how using vanilla body butter not only pampered her skin but also left it feeling youthful and rejuvenated.

Cocoa Body Butter

The goodness of cocoa isn’t just restricted to chocolates. Cocoa body butter is a powerhouse of moisturizing agents. Packed with antioxidants, it combats skin aging effectively. When applied, it forms a protective barrier, locking in moisture and ensuring the skin remains soft and supple. Its rich texture and enticing aroma make it a favorite among skincare connoisseurs.

Argan Oil Body Butter

Argan oil, the liquid gold from Morocco, has a storied reputation. When incorporated into body butter, the results are nothing short of magical. Bursting with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan oil body butter provides nourishment while maintaining skin elasticity. It’s a sought-after product, especially for those aiming to have a radiant glow.

Lavender Body Butter

Lavender, the darling of aromatherapy, finds its way into body butter too. Its calming scent is just the tip of the iceberg. Zeralabs Lavender body butter is soothing and especially beneficial for irritated or sensitive skin. Besides calming the senses, it works wonders on the skin, promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

Coconut Body Butter
Vanilla Body Butter
Cocoa Body Butter
Argan Oil Body Butter
Lavender Body Butter

5 Considerations When Buying Body Butter

According to Reports and Data, the global body butter market size was USD 1.87 Billion in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period. Before purchasing body butter, here are some vital aspects to remember:

#1 Ingredients and Composition

A wise purchasing decision starts by evaluating ingredients. Checking for natural and organic components can be an initial step. There is a body butter that is packed with additives and preservatives that may not align with desired quality standards. Reading labels thoroughly can prevent potential skin irritations or allergies.

#2 Texture and Consistency

The right texture ensures easy application. A body butter that’s too thick might be challenging to spread, while a very thin one may not offer the desired moisturization. Testing a sample, if possible, can provide insights into its consistency and absorption rate, helping in making informed choices.

#3 Scent and Fragrance

Selecting a body butter with a pleasant aroma can enhance the user experience. For example, a spa might choose a calming scent like lavender for its relaxing properties, while a retailer might stock up on a variety, from invigorating citrus to subtle vanilla. In partnering with Zeralabs, businesses can access a diverse range of fragrances, tailored to cater to varied preferences.

#4 Skin Type Suitability

Different skin types require varied care. It’s essential to ascertain if a body butter is suitable for all skin types or specifically formulated for dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Comprehensive product descriptions and reviews can shed light on this aspect, ensuring a product that aligns with consumer needs.

#5 Packaging and Shelf Life

Aesthetics do matter, and so does functionality. Body butter containers should be robust and preferably air-tight. For example, a brand once faced returns because its body butter containers would crack during transit. Another critical aspect is the product’s shelf life, ensuring consumers get maximum efficacy during its usage span.


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At Zeralabs, customer privacy and data security are paramount. We take stringent measures to protect your information, ensuring its confidentiality and security. Our commitment extends to addressing your inquiries and concerns promptly, reflecting our dedication to exceptional customer service.

At Zeralabs, customer privacy and data security are paramount. We take stringent measures to protect your information, ensuring its confidentiality and security. Our commitment extends to addressing your inquiries and concerns promptly, reflecting our dedication to exceptional customer service.

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