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Top 9 Private Label Beauty Products Manufacturers

George’s enduring passion for skincare solutions, coupled with a deep-seated understanding of the industry’s intricacies, led him to co-found Zeralabs, a pioneer in skincare OEM manufacturing. Driven by a mission to innovate and deliver high-quality skincare products tailored to individual needs, George was inspired by personal experiences that underscored the importance of holistic skincare solutions in daily life. Recognizing a gap in the market for customizable, client-focused manufacturing, he embarked on a journey to establish Zeralabs, aspiring to revolutionize the skincare landscape.
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I recently checked numerous beauty product manufacturers to find the best fit for a unique startup idea I had in mind. Through my research, I found out that Zeralabs stands out, especially for startups aiming for cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. However, the problem arises when one is overwhelmed with the vast number of choices available in the market.

It’s easy to get lost in the noise of countless manufacturers, all promising to be ‘the best’. This blog simplifies that problem, listing out the top 9 private label beauty product manufacturers, each with its distinct advantages.

Stay tuned to see which manufacturer fits best with your startup’s vision.

1. Onoxa – Best for High-End Brand

Country & City: Florida, USA
Established Date: 2016

As a prominent figure in the beauty sector, Onoxa has a rich history of producing luxury skincare and beauty products. Their mission is to empower brands to deliver exceptional quality. They’ve been recognized with several awards for their commitment to excellence. With their impeccable reputation and consistent performance, they’ve solidified their place as a leader in the private-label beauty industry.

Key Product Line Intro: hair care and skincare

Take Away Note:
Onoxa is the gold standard for luxury skincare brands. Their unmatched assurance of premium quality and stellar reputation position them as a top choice for elite brands. While their offerings exude opulence and efficacy, this often translates into a slightly elevated price point. However, for many high-end brands, this investment is justified by the sheer excellence and prestige associated with Onoxa.

2. Rainshadow Labs – Best for Innovative Brand

Country & City: Oregon, USA
Established Date: 1983

Since its inception, Rainshadow Labs has consistently innovated, offering unique formulations to the beauty industry. With a clear mission to blend nature and science, their services are diverse, catering to both startups and established brands. Their commitment to quality and innovation has positioned them as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of beauty.

Key Product Line Intro: scrubs and Facial masks

Take Away Note:
If a brand thrives on innovation, Rainshadow Labs should be on its radar. They bring a blend of traditional ingredients and modern science to the table. Having personally explored their range, I can attest to the freshness and quality they offer. The only caveat might be staying updated with their ever-evolving product line.

3. Zeralabs – Best Overall

Country & City: China
Established Date: 1998

We, at Zeralabs stand out for our competitive pricing without skimping on quality. With a mission rooted in providing the best value to our partners, we’ve earned a commendable market position, often outpacing bigger brands in terms of cost-effectiveness. Our dedication to fostering trust through transparent business practices has further solidified our reputation among startups and established brands alike.

Key Product Line Intro: skincare and makeup


Take Away Note:
Zeralabs is the go-to for startups seeking quality akin to big brands but at half the cost or even less. Our expertise in producing cost-effective solutions is our strength, making us a favorite among emerging businesses. From my personal experience, it’s rare to find such a harmonious balance between affordability and premium quality.

4. Nardo’s Natural – Best for Organic Branding

Country & City: Florida, USA
Established Date: 2009

Nardo’s Natural made a splash on the scene with its emphasis on organic formulations. Born from a family’s dedication to organic living, their mission has been to provide skincare that nature intended. Their market position as a leading organic private label manufacturer is a testament to their commitment. This dedication, combined with a blend of nature’s best ingredients, has set them apart in the saturated beauty industry.

Key Product Line Intro: facial care and bath & body care

Take Away Note:
Nardo’s Natural is a leading partner for brands diving into the organic beauty realm, setting themselves apart with their expertise in sourcing authentic and pure ingredients in a world leaning towards synthetics. Yet, delving into the organic sector isn’t without its nuances; brands collaborating with Nardo’s Natural must be ready to navigate the intricate terrains and specific demands associated with the organic market.

5. Pravada – Best for Custom Formulations

Country & City: North America
Established Date: 2009

Pravada prides itself on tailoring products to brands’ unique needs. With a rich history of customized skincare solutions and a mission to create products that resonate with a brand’s vision, they stand out in the market. Their commitment to personalization ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of their clientele.

Key Product Line Intro: skincare and body care

Take Away Note:
For brands that hold exclusivity and uniqueness in high regard, Pravada emerges as a premier choice. Their forte is in crafting custom formulations, ensuring your products stand out in a saturated market. However, this custom approach means their detailed consultation might take slightly longer than usual. This ensures precision but demands a pinch more patience.

6. Mineral Mine – Best for Mineral Makeup

Country & City: Utah, USA
Established Date: 1995

Mineral Mine stands as a pioneering force in the domain of mineral makeup. Their history of harnessing earth-derived ingredients, combined with their unwavering commitment to shunning harmful additives, has carved a distinctive niche for them in the beauty industry. Their dedication not only resonates with eco-conscious consumers but also showcases a blend of nature and science, setting them apart from many contemporaries.

Key Product Line Intro: makeup and brushes

Take Away Note:
Brands targeting the mineral makeup niche should explore Mineral Mine, known for its pure and elegantly simple offerings, a standout in the vast cosmetic landscape. On the flip side, while their dedication to authentic mineral ingredients is commendable, their palette might feel a tad restricted when pitted against the vast spectrum of conventional makeup manufacturers.

7. Cosmetic Solutions – Best for Holistic Skincare

Country & City: United States
Established Date: 1996

Cosmetic Solutions ardently champions the cause of holistic skincare, treating it not as a mere industry standard but as a core philosophy. With a history deeply rooted in formulating solutions that prioritize overall skin health, and a mission that robustly emphasizes inner well-being, they have carved a distinguished niche for themselves in the market.

Key Product Line Intro: skincare and makeup

Take Away Note:
Brands with a vision centered on holistic skin health will discover an ally in Cosmetic Solutions. Their approach offers products that cater to diverse skin needs, promoting overall wellness. However, this all-encompassing strategy may not align perfectly with brands that are on the hunt for highly specialized, niche solutions, potentially limiting their appeal to those wanting pinpointed treatments.

8. Lady Burd – Best for Diverse Product Range

Country & City: USA, New York
Established Date: 1960

Lady Burd stands as a testament to time-honored quality and innovation in the beauty industry. With decades of experience, their mission to cater to every skincare need has made them a preferred choice for many brands. Their dedication to understanding market trends and evolving consumer demands has further solidified their position as industry leaders.

Key Product Line Intro: makeup and body care

Take Away Note:
Lady Burd emerges as a top choice for brands aspiring to flaunt extensive product portfolios. The richness of their vast collection is undeniably a major asset, offering a plethora of choices to businesses. However, this very advantage can be a double-edged sword; while the range is expansive, brands might grapple with ensuring their offerings stand out and resonate uniquely amidst such diversity.

9. Pinnacle Cosmetics – Best for Customization

Country & City: Ontario, Canada
Established Date: 1999

At Pinnacle Cosmetics, customization isn’t just an option; it’s their core ethos. Their mission revolves around tailoring products to brand needs, ensuring a unique offering in the market. This dedication allows brands to truly distinguish themselves in a crowded industry. By working closely with its clients, Pinnacle transforms visions into tangible, standout products.

Key Product Line Intro: makeup and skincare

Take Away Note:
For brands aiming to carve out a unique space in a crowded marketplace, Pinnacle Cosmetics stands as an invaluable partner. Their meticulous approach guarantees brand differentiation, making products truly stand out. On the flip side, while this tailored experience brings unparalleled uniqueness, it may also lead to slightly extended production timelines. It’s a delicate balance between exclusivity and efficiency.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Private Label Beauty Products Manufacturer

The Beauty & Personal Care market is burgeoning, with Statista reporting a staggering revenue of US$579.20bn in 2023 and a projected annual growth of 3.53% from 2023 to 2028. As this industry continues to flourish, selecting the right Private Label Beauty Products Manufacturer becomes paramount to harness this growth effectively. Below are the key factors to consider when making this pivotal choice:




#1 Quality Assurance

Ensuring the manufacturer adheres to high-quality standards is non-negotiable for the brand’s reputation and consumer trust. Check for certifications and ensure they comply with international standards. Moreover, diving into their quality control procedures can provide insights into their dedication to excellence. Consistency in product quality can be a key differentiator in the competitive market.

Aspect Quality Assurance Measures
Raw Materials Rigorous supplier vetting and testing.
Manufacturing Adherence to GMP guidelines, checks.
Product Testing Lab safety, efficacy, and stability tests.
Packaging Proper labeling, compatibility checks.
Documentation Accurate records, batch traceability.
Audits Internal/external audits, improvements.
Customer Feedback Promptly addressing concerns, feedback.
Compliance Regulatory adherence, approvals.
Training Staff QA training, updated practices.
Environment Sustainable practices, minimal waste.


#2 Flexibility in Order Quantity

Starting off, the needs of emerging businesses may differ from those of established brands. For startups, initial requirements often involve smaller quantities. Partnering with manufacturers, such as Zeralabs, who recognize this necessity and provide flexible order sizes, ensures optimal spending and inventory management, leading to lean and efficient operations.

#3 Transparency in Ingredients

It’s not just about the final product but the journey there. Grasping every ingredient that goes into the offerings is crucial. This isn’t merely a label requirement; it’s about establishing a bond of trust with consumers. Particularly when championing causes like organic or cruelty-free products, ensuring ingredient alignment with the brand philosophy is paramount.

#4 Turnaround Time

In the fast-paced world of beauty and cosmetics, timing can be everything. For example, considering a manufacturer’s past record of adhering to deadlines can be an insightful factor. It’s crucial that manufacturers deliver quality promptly, especially for significant product launches. Delays can affect marketing campaigns, stock availability, and even brand credibility, so ensuring timely deliveries is crucial.

#5 Cost-Effectiveness

Balancing the scales of quality and cost is an art. While prioritizing top-notch quality is vital, finding a manufacturer that offers competitive pricing without sneaky hidden charges can be a game-changer. For example, considering factors like bulk purchase discounts can make a significant difference in cost dynamics. This permits offering competitive prices while ensuring a favorable return on investment.


Selecting the right manufacturer can be a game-changer for your startup. Among the top 9 private label beauty product manufacturers, Zeralabs undoubtedly stands out as one of the best, striking a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Investing time in finding the right manufacturing partner will pave the way for your startup’s success in the competitive beauty landscape.

Want more insights on these manufacturers or need a detailed product catalog and price list? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Having walked this journey myself, I truly understand the importance of the right partnership. Your brand deserves the best, and we’re here to help.

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